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Wentworth's offer a complete range of prober enhancing accessories and options, complementing and expanding the capabilities of our probe stations.


LabMaster™ allows real-time, fully integrated monitoring and control via a simple-to-use windows based graphical interface. LabMaster™ controls the Pegasus™ prober via either an RS232 interface or a GPIB (IEEE488.2) interface using the National Instruments PCI-GPIB board.


GuardMaster™ provides a combined localized Light-tight and EMC shielded enclosure for low level measurements and frost-free low temperature probing. The compact ergonomic design allows the chuck chamber to be quickly purged with dry air or Nitrogen which provides a very stable environment for sensitive temperature measurements, while still providing easy access for optics, manipulators and probe cards. An extended stage Y axis provides an uninhibited wafer loading position a unique feature of our Semi-Automatic FA series probe stations.


Wentworth offer performance thermal chuck solutions for device testing from -65oC to +400oC. Wentworth’s propriety Heating and Cooling management system is an integral part of GuardMaster™, utilizing CDA or Nitrogen to reduce thermal effects and keeping the probing environment controlled.


Our Prober hardware and software solutions can be customized to your prober / tester requirements and with most configurations, upgrades are available to meet future probing requirements and to insure you have the right return on your investment.

Prober Accessories


Choose from a wide range of prober accessories to enhance probe station performance

In addition to our probe card products, Wentworth offers an extensive line of probing platforms and accessories.


Wentworth offers global team support, and expert capability to design and develop customized solutions for your requirements.


Some of our probe system accessories are:

  • LabMaster™ Graphic User Interface for the Pegasus™ Series semi-automatic probe stations
  • Pegasus™ Probe integrated probe / edge sensor
  • Pegasus™ SAM submicron automated manipulator
  • Dark boxes, vibration isolation tables
  • Environmental chambers: GuardMaster™-low level and RF measurements; ShieldMaster™-cold temperature wafer probing
  • PVX 400 and PVX500 manual linear motion manipulators
  • Probe card holders
  • Temperature chucks (hot / cold chucks)
  • Optics (microscopes)
  • Lasers
  • Inkers

Needle Holder Assembly (NHA)


Needle Metallurgy

  • Tungsten
  • Tungsten Rhenium
  • BeCu
  • Paliney®
  • Gold Plating available


Blades: Standard Metal or Ceramic

Most blade shapes are available in several sizes, and all can be combined with a selection of needle probes to provide custom needle holder assemblies


  • Metal mini-blades
  • Metal micro-blades
  • Special IC metal blades
  • Metal hybrid circuit blades
  • Stripline high frequency ceramic blades

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