Cantilever Probe Cards



Wentworth cantilever probe card products include blade and epoxy probe cards for multiple die probe cards, memory probe cards, radio frequency probe cards and logic probe cards; needle holder assemblies; probe card design service with custom PCB design; and Compass Series cantilever probe card manufacturing equipment for epoxy and blade probe cards.


Wentworth's experienced probe card professionals work closely with you, utilizing state-of-the-art probe card software and best practices communications tools. Proactive and clear communications are our responsibility and we will take the lead from project concept to its completion. The Wentworth probe card team is highly experienced in servicing Cantilever probe card applications, from routine fulfilment to the development of custom cantilever probe card solutions for high current / high voltage probe cards that can support in excess of 200 Amps.


Complete turnkey probe card design Expertise in Cantilever and PCB probe card solutions Integrated capability and probe card facilities in Europe and North America ISO 9001 certified / compliant Experienced probe card service team

Standard Cantilever Probe Cards


Epoxy Probe Cards: Multi-Die / Memory / RF / Logic

Wentworth standard cantilever products accommodate high pin counts and are offered with aggressive pricing, competitive turn-times and the availability of Probilt analyzer testing.


Wentworth's engineered solutions offer an impressive array of generic and ATE-specific cantilever products and design services for high speed, digital, analog, mixed signal and memory applications. Layouts in excess of 2000 probes, probe cards for fine pitch and shrinking pad sizes, and complex configurations are accommodated with ease. For information on our exceptional turnkey design service, see below. For information on our high precision tool for the maintenance, repair and test of epoxy cantilever probe cards, click here.


Blade Probe Cards: Low Leakage / High Frequency / High Temperature

Founded by the inventor of the fixed-point blade-type probe card, Wentworth offers a wide variety of finished blade probe cards for low current, high temperature and radio frequency applications. Wentworth also supplies individual standard and specialty blades, printed circuit boards and a build / maintenance system that enables you to build your own metal and ceramic blade probe cards.


Wentworth blade products include standard metal or ceramic blades; metal mini-blades; metal micro-blades; special IC metal blades; metal hybrid circuit blades; and stripline high frequency ceramic blades. Most blade shapes are available in several sizes, and all can be combined with a selection of needle probes to provide custom needle holder assemblies. Additionally, three types of edge sensor probes are available: standard; 2-wire isolated; and 3-wire isolated.


Wentworth supplies a complete turnkey package for test floor managers who wish to establish on-site capability to build and maintain blade probe cards. For information on our high precision tool for the build, maintenance and test of blade probe cards, click here. For information on needle holder assemblies (NHA), click here.

Advanced Cantilever Probe Cards


Wentworth advanced cantilever products include probe cards for custom multi-probe applications, manipulator mounted probe card solutions & raised geometry devices. Wentworth offers advanced full turnkey design and manufacturing service, taking projects from conceptual to finished product – all at affordable cost. Our probe card engineers have many years’ experience designing custom probe solutions – why not put them to the test.


For more information on all our custom probe card products please contact us.

Probe Card Design Service


Engineered Solutions

Wentworth's probe card design service utilizes sophisticated software, practices and communications tools to bring your designs to life. We offer a full complement of generic and automated test equipment (ATE)-specific design services. Our expertise ranges from the development of low pin count, high frequency ceramic blade cards for GaAs devices, to custom high current / high voltage cantilever probe cards that can support in excess of 200 amps.


Wentworth has developed an extensive library of master templates for all major tester platforms utilizing advanced design software for quick-turn printed circuit boards. Sophisticated mechanical design modelling software speeds the custom design of complex epoxy cantilever probe cards.


Wentworth PCB designers are skilled in actualizing the most sophisticated designs. Our robust radio frequency and signal integrity PCB design capabilities include: impedances control, trace length matching, differential pair routing, bypassing, and optimized power and ground planes.


For custom generic PCB design, sunburst patterns can be created for optimum power supply access and filtering, and internal routing may be optimized for peak frequency response, impedance matching and line lengths between pogo towers.

PCB Design Capabilities & Services

  • ATE stiffener and mounting ring design services and manufacturing
  • Up to 50 layers
  • Controlled impedances
  • Matched lengths within .005 in
  • Differential pair routing
  • Optimized by-passing schemes
  • Frequency response up to and greater than 5 GHz
  • Gerber translation / generation
  • Schematic capture
  • Standard parts library
  • Comprehensive data package including test file data

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Wafer Probers & Cantilever Probe Cards

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